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Until recently, I was unaware of the existence of the General Services Administration. Apparently they’re the $20-billion federal agency in charge of supplying and maintaining federal agencies.

Back in 2010, the GSA held a western region conference in Las Vegas to discuss their work. Conference attendees enjoyed a comic video poking fun at office culture within the agency.

Many have recently decided to become shocked and appalled over what all this reveals about government waste. In fact, the head of the GSA resigned over the whole matter and the new acting administrator has a far more sober video promising to stop such waste in their organization.

What’s the waste they’re all angry about?

Is it the fact that Internet-Age federal agencies are flying people to Las Vegas conferences, where taxpayers pay those people for lodging, food, and other sundry expenses — on top of their wages — so they can essentially enjoy a paid vacation?

Is it the fact that we have a permanent federal agency to supply federal agencies — the very idea of which reeks of bloated government?

No, those camels are fine. The gnat they’re so upset over is the light-hearted video made by government workers trying to enjoy themselves a bit on a single Friday.

They’re enraged that on one day, we paid a few government workers to enjoy themselves at work. Heaven forbid we let government workers have fun. We expect all government employees to behave like cold, lifeless automata when we see them, and anything more lively than that is obviously evil.

There’s clearly waste in this picture. But it’s not the fun video.