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I play board games. A lot. I love board games.

In the past couple of years, I’ve learned a new board game that I really enjoy: Kamisado. It’s an abstract strategy game like Chess or Go that’s fairly newly developed.

In Kamisado, you control eight colored pieces on an eight-colored checkerboard. When you move to a square on the board, the color of the square you move to becomes the color of the piece your opponent must move. All moves must advance, either diagonally or orthogonally. The first player to reach the opponent’s home rank wins.

Despite a few more rule complications, the fascinating aspect of the game is captured in the above description. The game forces successful players to plan their moves based on considering many plies into the future, and unlike chess, those multi-ply considerations are more about the puzzle of the game and less about the character of the opponent. With relatively less room for personal expression, only skill in causal analysis remains.

If you’d like to try the game, you can play it free online at Yucata.de. I recommend it.