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In a recent post, I discussed the tendency we all suffer to let our extrinsic motivations outweigh our intrinsic motivations. Many of us devote far more time to chasing food and housing, for example, than things we truly enjoy.

Now we’re in Lent. A time of fasting. Perhaps God has given us this season as a time to switch these very motivations around. A time to forgo whatever extrinsically motivates us and focus more on what intrinsically motivates us.

What are you most motivated to do at an intrinsic level? What do you love doing not for what it gets you but for just the joy of doing it? And what keeps you from doing that more often than you do?

Perhaps that’s what we should look at abstaining from during Lent. Give up the mindset of this world (which tends to see all choices as economic transactions) for the sake of intrinsic joy. For the joy of simply being what we are, instead of what the world wants us to be.

What a wonderful opportunity to borrow God’s own motivation.