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For sixty years now you have guided your people throughout the world. Congratulations and thank you!

These have not been an easy sixty years.

True, the dramatic struggles which your father and grandfather ably confronted have been largely unreplicated during your reign, a fact for which we all praise God.

But in many ways, the difficulties He has placed you to lead through are more challenging. The enemy who fires bullets at you and bombs your home is an easy enemy to identify and easier one to find the will to resist. The enemy that has gripped the entire world throughout your reign is rather more subtle and, in my opinion, far more damaging.

Our current enemy is no jackbooted foreign invader brandishing poison gas, but the deadlier poison of false ideas and foolish ideals.

Sixty years ago, the world was still ordered (as it had ever been) by morality. I don’t mean the sort of middle-class morality that Shaw wrote of, the sort the fascists adore. I mean rather the more traditional and far simpler morality of honesty, respect, civility, and love. Sixty years ago, such concepts were still considered normal and proper.

Yet in the intervening years, these ideals have come under attack until, one by one, they have all begun to vanish from the public forum.

You have, throughout your reign, confronted this moral degradation bravely and have ever stood as a firm example to us all of how we must fight this foe — with unabashed perseverance in honest love, with respect for all that is virtuous, and civility even in the face of what is not.

The war we now fight is far from over. But as when Moses led the children of Israel against the Amalekites, so when we see your example lifted up on the hilltop, we know we will prevail. And I feel confident that example shall endure for many years to come.