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Working over sixty hours a week can really get a fellow down. I’m barely getting enough sleep to keep my mind and muscles working while I’m on the job (which seems to be nearly always). I’m also starting to see poorly.

So far I’ve been able to catch up on sleep over the weekends all right. But so far I haven’t had a lot of papers to grade. We’ll see how my health goes once I hit that point. I might have to see about cutting back on my second job — maybe part-time instead of full-time.

Last night I went to sleep around two in the morning and got up this morning before six-thirty. Tonight I’ll be going to bed a deal sooner, but I’ll probably have to get up earlier as well. I might have to get up a lot earlier, in fact, so I can walk the league to work with my wife by seven, since the busses don’t run that early.