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We went for a bit of a walk this evening. Nothing very intense, I’m afraid. Our time was limited between the end of my wife’s job and the start of mine. But we had a little while to get out and see the land better than we have till now.

We went to a nearby wetland wildlife refuge. It was attractive, but not what I expected. I had read that the refuge was full of birds of all kinds. Perhaps by the standards of our new home, it is. But I saw only a few ducks, one bald eagle (which was definitely awesome), and about twenty gulls.

I’d hoped for a lot more gulls here than we’ve had. We live by the sea, after all. Of course, there are no beaches and no waves here, either. And no marine mammals that I’ve seen, so far. When I’ve been to the shore before, I’ve always encountered gobs of fowl and often plenty of seals. But not here.

What we do have here is flora in abundance. We saw lots of different kinds of mushrooms, plenty of wildflowers, drapes of moss all over, grasses, trees, ferns, and on and on. And the botanical smells were incredibly delicious. Throughout most of the walk I felt like I was walking through herbal tea.

Taking the time to get out in nature definitely helped me like my new home better. I need to do more of that.