I went to another JV game last night. The home team did better this time than they did last week, putting twelve points on the board and only giving away thirty-six. Our two touchdowns were a blast — the whole crowd was on their feet and we were all cheering loud. The JV cheerleading squad had clearly never encountered anything so exciting — we pumped them up.

Now I haven’t been to a lot of JV games in the past, but they’ve done something kind of odd in the two games I’ve been to here. Maybe it’s a JV thing; maybe it’s a local anomaly; but they always go for a two-point conversion. After seeing over a dozen touchdowns, I saw only one attempt to just go for an extra point (it failed). Every other touchdown was followed by a two-point conversion attempt.

Is this something that anyone else has noticed? Is it a new trend? Has it long been a common characteristic of JV (or young) football? Is it something typical of this league?