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Amid the recent flurry of discussion about Steve Jobs in the wake of his resignation as CEO of Apple, I encountered in this fascinating piece the idea that he considered his early experimentation with LSD “one of the two or three most important things” he’d ever done.

I had never considered that it might be important to take LSD. I’d only thought of it as a recreational sort of thing.

But of course, drugs have long been used entheogenically, and I can see how experiencing enthusiasm can be an important event — even life-defining. I rate my own experiences of enthusiasm among the most important events of my life. Perhaps Steve experienced enthusiasm with the assistance of LSD.

Then, in trying to learn more about this, I learned that LSD also has some good psychiatric uses. Apparently suicidal folks who are given LSD tend to realize that there are other ways to deal with their troubles. That sounds pretty important, too.

It definitely made me want to try LSD. Too bad the democrats have decided to forbid home chemistry.