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There’s a lot of tourism in our new home, and today I went to see a lot of the tourist attractions.

I have to say, some of the deals were quite impressive. Very inexpensive shirts. Hard-to-find, artistic playing cards at a good price. Wonderful, exotic-wool scarves at the lowest prices I’ve ever seen.

I suspect that a major factor in the low prices is the proximity of the tourist season’s end. I’ve heard that many of the stores will actually be closing up for the winter. I’d like to take advantage of some of the deals before they disappear.

The two hours I had to spend on looking around were not enough to even begin to take it all in, though. I hope someday soon I can have a full day off so I can go back and do it right. I don’t know that a full day off is at all in the works, though. I’ll be working at least 60 hours a week by the end of the month.