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We’ve been to a new church here in our new home now.

The congregation was very nice. Several couples declared an intent to invite us to dinner. One couple offered to give us a ride home, and they took us to see a number of the more attractive natural landmarks of the area on the way.

The congregation here is organizing a service day, when they want everyone to participate in community service. They had one meeting where they simply sat and discussed a number of potential venues for community service.

The service was nice, with upbeat and beautiful hymns — #280, sung at 56 seconds/verse, and all verses of #284, for those who know me well enough to know which hymnal is most commonly used by my denomination.

One thing that I found a little disconcerting about the congregation is that although there is a high degree of racial diversity in the group, only white folks greeted us, and we saw only white folks in some of the meetings after the service. I’m not sure what that’s about. Perhaps it’s a language issue.