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Today my wife and I celebrate our seven-year wedding anniversary. So today I write seven things I adore about her.

  1. She is a lot of fun to spend time with. The rest of this list could go in any order, but this is definitely number one. Almost anyone who spends time with my wife would agree: time spent with her is spent very enjoyably.
  2. She is smart. I couldn’t live with a woman who lacked intelligence, wit, knowledge, and wisdom. I’m grateful for a wife who has all.
  3. She is nice. Sometimes I’m not nice, but when we’re out together, if I’m feeling a bit unnice, I can always take a back seat and count on her to be nice to people for us.
  4. She sees us a unit within society. When viewing either of us in relationship to anyone else in the world, she sees the two of us as one person, with one set of interests and one set of goals.
  5. She is a great cook. Not the she cooks all the time, because I also love to cook. But when she does, I always know I’m in for a real treat.
  6. She is reverent. I cherish her deep respect for holiness.
  7. She is thrifty. Wasting material resources will never happen in our marriage. She spends little, and finds great delight in using available resources as fully as possible.

Thank you, dear wife, for letting me enjoy these last seven years married to you.