What a long bus ride.

At long last, though, we have reached the sea. When I first saw it on the bus, I was well reminded of the men of Xenophon’s Anabasis: “Α θαλασσα! Α θαλασσα!”

We stayed last night in a motel at port. It was good to finally sleep. We were on the bus over two nights, and sleeping on the bus at night is very difficult, especially when they wake you in Spokane at 2 a.m. to tell you that everyone needs to get off the bus for 30 minutes while they service it. In many ways, it’s easier to sleep in the morning and early afternoon than at night. Last night in the motel we slept over 10 hours.

We also had only one meal during our whole bus ride: some very tasty burgers at Jan’s Diner in Lima, Montana. We ate well last night and are pretty hungry again this morning.

Now we finish up some preparations and board the ship this evening. Hopefully eating and sleeping won’t be so tough afloat as it was on the bus.