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I’ve been skimming the Manifesto of the fellow over in Norway who killed about 100 of his Christian compatriots in an effort to end the Islamic takeover of Europe. If you want to read it, too, take a look at Kevin I. Slaughter’s blog, where he posted it. Kevin obviously isn’t claiming to support Breivik’s document — he just supports freedom of information. Kudos, Kevin!

Reading the manifesto, I feel troubled at how sympathetic I find myself to Breivik’s complaints about what he calls cultural Marxism. I catch myself wondering whether I’m going to snap someday and blow up my own people in order to protect them.

But as I think more about it, I think I won’t.

Breivik cites the Crusades and the Battle of Vienna to support his assertion that Europeans should fight back against Islam, and to excellent patriotic effect. But those military efforts were in defense against military invasions. As Breivik repeatedly points out, the current invasion is not military, but demographic and cultural. So it would follow that the appropriate response to the current invasion would be similarly demographic and cultural.

Let Europeans (around the world) take deeper pride in our culture and celebrate it more openly. Let us stop using legislation and litigation to forbid fervent expressions of our cultural pride. Let us reproduce more abundantly. But let’s not take up arms against peaceful invaders.

In short, let’s fight water with water.

And for Reason’s sake, let’s not destroy our own people to prevent the destruction of our people.