Recently we started working out at a local gym, thanks to a free 7-day pass from a friend’s referral. So far I really enjoy it. But I have a hard time with gym culture.

Some of the gym-goers I’ve encountered so far are just normal folks. But it seems that most are hard-core fitness types who have too-good bodies, who are very active in the gym, who interact extensively with one another, and who show little interest in including anyone who isn’t like them in their groups.

For normal-folk gym-goers, going to the gym is obviously a means to an end: they are there to either achieve or maintain a healthy level of physical fitness. But for the hard-core gymmies, going to the gym seems to be its own end. It appears to be their primary hobby, their main interest in life to which they devote the bulk of their free time.

From what I’ve seen, the normal folks at the gym pretty much keep to themselves. They’re loners, and they act like loners. The gymmies, on the other hand, are very social. Perhaps the gymmies don’t look down on the people whose bodies are clearly not the exquisite result of a gymmie’s unbalanced focus. But watching the social dynamic of the place makes it seem that either the gymmies do look down on the rest, or that all the rest think they do.

I love being at the gym and working out. It makes my body feel great. And I feel a slight sort of connection to a classical past while there. But the domination of gym culture by gymmies makes it tough to want to go, and makes me think I might not be interested in purchasing a membership.