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I’m working on a stone path in the backyard. Nothing fancy — just gathering some of the larger stones from throughout the yard and setting them in place. I’ve been wanting to do it for some time and it’s great to finally get down to it.

My wife is amazed. She didn’t think I was talking about the kind of stone path I’m doing. I’m not quite sure what she envisioned as I discussed it, but she never imagined that I intended to pave a path with attractive stones set in an appealing manner.

I think what amazes her most about the path is how easy it is to build, how easy it is to create such beauty. She talks a lot about how pretty the path is and how much she loves paths like it. I think she had never considered that making a path like this was so easily within a person’s ability.

It makes me wonder why we don’t do more to add beauty to our lives. It often takes so little effort to create real delight for ourselves and others. I think perhaps the biggest barrier preventing us from creating beauty is that we fail to see how easy it is to create.