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Watching CBS news yesterday morning, I saw a perfect example of how our culture has shifted so far to the left that what was moderate for thousands of years has now become extremist.

They reported that Generation Xers, who are more likely than folks of other generations to have been children of divorced parents, are now far less likely to divorce than folks of previous generations. In a normal world, that would simply be good news.

But in our world, the anchors made comments like, “Wow, it seems like they’re going all the way to the opposite extreme! Is that really a smart move? Is that healthy?”

How could it be extreme to stay married? What could be more moderate and normal?

Furthermore, for any given couple, it’s not like there’s a spectrum of options. A couple can get divorced, but if they don’t, then by definition, they stay married. No couple has some middle-ground option between getting divorced or staying married. An apparent middle ground only occurs when considering the data of a whole population.

In a world where something as normal as getting and staying married seems extreme, foolish, and sick, it’s tough to see how anyone could possibly be too conservative.