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We did some shopping today. Now we’re that much closer to ready for our upcoming move.

We got some of the luggage we’re going to need for the trip and looked at the rest we’ll eventually have to get. We also got a really great tool to help us pack our stuff more conservatively.

More importantly, we had a lot of fun. At first, it didn’t seem like the trip would turn out that way, but then we stopped for big cups of frozen yogurt. You know, I think we just needed to cool down. By the time we’d finished eating the cold treat in the air-conditioned store, we lost track of all the little mutual irritations and couldn’t really find them again all afternoon.

That reminds me of the book I’m currently reading by William Glasser — Control Theory in the Classroom. Glasser claims that everything we do is part of a total behavior that we choose to carry out. So if we’re running, the actions, thoughts, emotions, and physiology of running are all components of our chosen behavior. And if we’re depressed (or, as he puts it, choosing to depress), then the actions, thoughts, emotions, and physiology of depressing are all just components of our chosen behavior.

After our experience today with being too hot, I wonder if we weren’t choosing the thoughts and emotions of annoyance or anger simply because some of the physiological components of anger (getting hot) were already present. The physiological element of anger already being present, perhaps it felt too confusing too choose some behavior contrary to the physiology.

Maybe we should have remembered that love, too, heats us. It’s cheaper than frozen yogurt, and far more fulfilling.